The Multiplier Points disseminate information about UNECE work areas of particular interest to countries in transition. The information primarily covers UNECE work and activities in trade, industry and enterprise development:

    - Trade facilitation and e-business

    - Agricultural quality standards

    - International legal and commercial practice

    - Standardization and harmonization policies

    - Industry and enterprise development

Other areas of UNECE work include:

    - Gender issues

    - Environment

    - Transport

    - Economic Analysis and Statistics

    - Human Settlement

    - Sustainable Energy

    - Timber

The Multiplier Points receive timely notifications about the recent and forthcoming UNECE events and can, at any moment, contact UNECE Multiplier Point coordinator with relevant specific information requests.

For more information, please contact the Multiplier Point in your country or the UNECE Multiplier Point Coordinator, using the menu on the right.