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21st Session of the Working Party on Gas

18 - 19 January 2011

Documents Title ENGFRERUS
Detailed TimetablePDF
Annotated Provisional Agenda for the twenty-first session
Report of the Working Party on Gas on its twenty-first session
Future activities of the Working Party Provisional calendar of meetings for 2012
Future activities of the Working Party Draft programme of work for 2011-2014
Documents Title ENG

18 January

Round Table on Development of Efficient Mechanisms of the Natural Gas Market Regulation in the UNECE Region
Florian Encke (Energy Charter Secretariat)    PDF
Emilie Marinova (Eurogas)    PDF
Recent Developments - Italy    PDF
Francisco De la Flor Garcia (IGU PGC B - Enagas, Spain)    PDF
Andrey Konoplyanik (Gazprombank, Russian Federation)    PDF
Vladimir Feygin (Institute of Finance, Moscow, Russian Federation)    PDF
Progress report on the UNECE Study entitled Current State and Prospects of Liquefied Natural Gas Industry in the UNECE Region
Francisco de la Flor Garcia, (ENAGAS), Chairman    PDF
Luis Ignacio Parada (ENAGAS)    PDF
Benjamin Schlesinger (BSA)    PDF
Maria de Los Angeles De Vicente (Enagas S.A)    PDF
Jacques Rottenberg (GdF-Suez)    PDF
Round Table on Use of Gas in Transport in the UNECE Region  
Oleg Aksyutin (Gazprom) Moderator    PDF
Eugene Pronin (Gazprom)    PDF
Gabriele Gozzi (NGV Global)    PDF
Manuel Lage (NGVA Europe)    PDF
Peter Seidinger (OMV)    PDF
Friedhelm Wannagat (E.ON Ruhrgas)    PDF
Ramon Diaz Casado, (Stream)    PDF
Jeanet Van Dellen (Advisor to the Secretary General, International Gas Union)    PDF
Jeffrey Seisler (Chief Executive Officer, NGV Global, Clean Fuels Consulting IANGV)    PDF
Thomas Aubee (Vice-President, Applied Technology, Pace Global Energy Services)    PDF

19 January

Impact of the liberalization of the natural gas markets on gas demand and prices – announcement and a brief description of the completed draft Study
A. Zorya (Gazprom-Promgaz), Chairman
Progress Report on the UNECE Study on Underground Gas Storage in Europe and Central Asia
Gilles-Henri Joffre (Stonergy) Chairman, with support of Angelika Brandenburger (RWE Gasspeicher), Hermann Spreckels (E.ON Gas Storage), Joachim Wallbrecht (IGU and BEB), cooperation of Tamas Korosi (HEO), G. Radu (Romgaz) and M. V. Sandu (Romgaz) and others; Jelena Torbica, UNECE secretariat    PDF
Matters arising from and decisions of the 19-th session of the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy related to gas activities
G. Sambucini – Secretary, UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy
Presentation on the Russian Federation’s "Convention On Ensuring International Energy Security"
Theodore Shtilkind, Ministry of Energy, Russian Federation
Review of the activities of other subsidiary bodies of the Committee on Sustainable Energy
UNECE secretariat
Major results of the Gas Centre activities in 2010, Executive Board meeting; Programme for 2011.
V. Ducrot – Manager, UNECE Gas Centre
Update on the Activities of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification and Implementation of UNFC-2009
Charlotte Griffiths, Secretary of the Expert Group
Clean Electricity Production from Coal and Other Fossil Fuels
B. Milicevic – secretary of the Group of Experts
Coalmine Methane
B. Milicevic – secretary of the Group of Experts
Energy Efficiency
A. Chachine – Responsible for Sustainable Energy Section and Energy Efficiency project
Energy Security Dialogue
S. Vilogorac, UNECE secretariat
Current developments and medium and long-term prospects and policies in the gas industry including trade of gas
a) Review of the gas situation and prospects in the region of the Economic Commission for Europe  
Hungary    PDF
Latvia    PDF
Norway    PDF
Romania    PDF
Russian Federation    PDF
Serbia    PDF
b) Pan-European multi-level information and analytical system of the gas network
A. Kudryavtsev (Gazprom) and Mr. C. Hut (Gasunie)
d) New developments in the European and world market of natural gas vehicles (NGVs)
Gabriele Gozzi (NGV Global)
e) Other issues of interest of the gas industry in the region of the Economic Commission for Europe
UNECE member-states delegates
IGU activities on Gas Advocacy
Jeanet Van Dellen (Advisor to the Secretary General, International Gas Union)