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Working Group on Effects, ninetheenth session (1 january 2000)

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 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/1 Provisional agenda

 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/2   Report of the 19th session PDFPDFPDF

 EB.AIR/WG.1/1999/2 Report of the 18th session

 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/3   2000 Joint Report of the ICPs and Task Force on Health Aspects of Air Pollution PDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/4   Future development of effect-oriented activities PDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/5  International Cooperative Programme (ICP) on assessment and monitoring of air pollution effects on forestsPDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/6  ICP on assessment and monitoring of acidification of rivers and lakesPDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/7  ICP on effects of air pollution on materials, including historic and cultural monuments PDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/8  ICP on effects of air pollution on natural vegetation and crops PDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/9   ICP on integrated monitoring of air pollution effects on ecosystemsPDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/10       Summary report on the workshop on effect-based approaches for heavy metalsPDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/11   Summary report on the conference on critical loads PDFPDF PDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/12   Preliminary assessment of Health risks of Heavy Metals and Persistent Organic Pollutants from LRTAPPDFPDFPDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/13   Financing of effect-oriented activities PDFPDF PDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/14  Workshop on the future needs for regional air pollution strategiesPDFPDF PDF
 EB.AIR/WG.1/2000/15  Workshop on mapping air pollution effects on materials, including stock at risk  PDF--