• English


Eligibility Criteria

You are:
1. Resident in a Member State of UNECE.
2. (a) a company or non-profit organization founded after 1st January 2015; or
    (b) a team of individuals planning to startup a company or a non-profit organization.
3. Able to present your product, service or idea in English.
4. Willing and able to travel to Geneva during 25 to 27 April 2017.

Selection criteria (in no particular order)

1. Relevance to UNECE areas of work
2. Potential for social and environmental impact; i.e. potential of the product, service or idea to make a
    difference to one of the themes in this call
3. Potential for sustainability (profitability or at least cost-recovery on a sustained basis)
4. Quality of the business/project plan
5. Quality of the team