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United Smart Cities

The multi-stakeholder project called “United Smart Cities” was launched in May 2014. It aims at addressing the major urban issues in medium-sized cities with countries economies in transition in the UNECE region.

Combining the proposed Sustainable Development Goal 11 with the use of ICT, our “Smart City” should be inclusive, resilient, safe, sustainable and “more connected”.


Vision and Objectives→                                                                 Guidelines and Procedures                                 

Characteristics of Smart Cities→                                                 The UNECE–ITU Smart Sustainable Cities Indicators

Project Document                                                                     Media→

Pilot Cities


Armenia                                                      Belarus                                                        Kazakhstan
- Goris→                                                          - Polotsk                                                        - Aktau 


Russian Federation                                  Ukraine                                     
                                                                       - Vinnytsia

For more information on the project, please contact:
Ms. Domenica Carriero
Consultant, Housing and Land Management Unit
United Nations Economic Commision for Europe
E-mail: domenica.carriero@unece.org