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United Smart Cities

United Smart Cities is a multi-stakeholder project, which aims at addressing the major urban issues in medium-sized cities in countries with economies in transition in the UNECE region and implement the SDGs at the local level.

It aims to:

  • Promote sustainable development at practical level in cities in particular in countries with economies in transition and developing countries;
  • Ensure knowledge transfer and capacity building at the local level, in particular on financing smart sustainable cities project, urban planning, data collection and analysis, etc.;
  • Support cities to set priorities for action and implementing measure in order to achieve the SDGs.

Pilot Cities


Armenia                                                   Ukraine   

- Goris→                                                    - Voznesensk


Guidelines and Procedures                                 

The UNECE–ITU Smart Sustainable Cities Indicators


For more information on the project, please contact:
Ms. Domenica Carriero
Housing and Land Management Unit
United Nations Economic Commision for Europe
E-mail: domenica.carriero@unece.org