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Geneva UN Charter Centres


Geneva UN Charter Centres brochure


Geneva UN Charter Centres were established in Albania, Estonia and United Kingdom in 2017.

The Centres report to the Committee at its annual sessions. In between sessions, they are accountable to the Committee Bureau. 


EstoniaUnited Kingdom

Mr. Andres JAADLA
Chair, The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL)
Telephone: +372 627 5742
Email: jaadla@ekyl.ee


Ms. Anu Sarnet
Telephone: +372 627 5742, +372 627 5740 (Secretary)
Email: anu.sarnet@ekyl.ee

Website: ekyl.ee

Mr. Brian EVANS

Head of Urbanism, Mackintosh School of Architecture
The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone: +44 (0) 141 353 4500; +44 (0) 7801 495 155
Email: b.evans@gsa-urbanism.org

Website: www.gsa.ac.uk