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The mission of the Committee is “to promote sustainable development of human settlements in the ECE region while fostering economic and social prosperity and supporting democratic governance”.

The CHLM focuses on addressing major housing issues specific to the UNECE region. These challenges are in three clusters:

  • Challenges linked more to the economic transition process including:

o   Results of mass privatisation
o   Lack of effective housing policies and legislation
o   Inadequate property rights

  • Challenges experienced more by advanced economies including:

o   Innovative uses of technology
o   Protection against fraud
o   Ecologically sustainable urban development

  •  Shared challenges including:

o   Energy efficiency in temperate-climate housing
o   Retrofitting of poorly insulated temperate-climate housing
o   Ecological, healthy and safe housing
o   Well functioning land administration
o   Real estate market stability and transparency
o   Improved access to housing

The Committee on Housing and Land Management is the only intergovernmental body which promotes sustainable housing and land administration sectors in the region by:

  • Offering an intergovernmental platform for dialogue on major housing issues and challenges;
  • Serving as a forum for the exchange of information and experience, and
  • Assisting with housing-related policy formulation and implementation.