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Meeting of Ministers of Transport of the Euro-Asian region

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Below you will find a selection of information about the Ministerial Meeting and the 70th Annual Session of the Inland Transport Committee; from background information to Newsletters and Press releases.

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Speeches and Presentations
Marek Belka - UNECE - Opening Statement Ministerial Meeting (English)
Barry Cable- UNESCAP - Speech (English)
Harriet Schmidt on behalf of Under-Secretary-General Cheick Sidi Diarra- UNOHRLLS - Speech (English)
Zoltan Kazatsay - European Commission - Speech (English)
UNECE Transport Division - Eva Molnar (English - 1.18 Mb)

Azerbaijan - Speech (English)
Azerbaijan - Speech (Russian)
Azerbaijan - Presentation (English - 2.49 Mb)
Belarus - Speech (Russian)
Belarus - Presentation (Russian - 1.66 Mb)
Iran - Speech (English - 1.20 Mb)
Kazakhstan - Speech (Russian)
Kazakhstan - Presentation (English)
Mongolia - Speech (English)
Romania - Speech (English - 1.42 Mb)
Russia - Speech
(Russian - 2.27 Mb)
Turkey - Speech (English - 1.97 Mb)
Uzbekistan - Speech (Russian - 1.39 Mb)
Uzbekistan - Presentation (English - 1.17 Mb)

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos - BSEC - Speech
Alain Rathery - ITF (ECMT)- Speech
Janus LACNY - IRU - Speech (English)
IRU - Presentation (English - 1.04 Mb)
José Capel Ferrer - UIC - Speech

Video recording of speeches
- Marek Belka - UNECE - Opening Statement Ministerial Meeting (video)
- Barry Cable - UNESCAP (video)
- Harriet Schmidt on behalf of Under-Secretary-General Cheick Sidi Diarra - UNOHRLLS (video)
- Zoltan Kazatsay - European Commission (video)
- Eva Molnar, UNECE Transport Division (video)

- Afghanistan (Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation) (video)
- Azerbaijan (Minister of Transport) (video)
- Belarus (Minister of Transport and Communications) (video)
- China (Senior Advisor of Ministry of Railways) (video)
- Iran (Minister of Roads and Transport) (video)
- Kazakhstan (Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications) (video)
- Mongolia (Minister of Transport and Road Management) (video)
- Russia (Director, Ministry of Transport) (video)
- Turkey (Head of Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Transport and
    Communications) (video)
- Ukraine (Minister of Transport and Communications) (video)
- Uzbekistan (Head of Automobile and River Transport Agency) (video)

- Bernard SNOY - OSCE (video)
- Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos - BSEC (video)
- Alain Rathery - ITF (ECMT) (video)
- Janus LACNY - IRU (video)
- José Capel Ferrer - UIC (video)

Short Films
Asian Highway Truck Caravan - IRU (video)



Programme and Joint Statement
Ministerial Meeting Programme
Joint Statement on Future Development of Euro-Asian Transport Links

Press Releases
- 29 January 2008
Transport Ministers to meet on Euro-Asian transport links during the 70th Session of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee 
- 15 February 2008
Euro-Asian Economic Boom facing Transport Risks

Newsletter No. 1 - 16 January 2008
Newsletter No. 2 - 30 January 2008
Newsletter No. 3 - 11 February 2008 
Newsletter No. 4 - 22 February 2008

Promotional Materials and Publications
Ministerial Flyer  (English)
Ministerial Flyer  (Russian)
Joint Study on Developing Euro-Asian Transport Linkages

Background Documents on the EATL Project
ECE/TRANS/WP.5/2008/12e  (English)
ECE/TRANS/WP.5/2008/12r  (Russian)








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