Gjuha shqipe
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121st session
Informal Documents for 121st session (3 - 7 July 2000)

BLUE BOOK  "It describes the basis for and operation of the Working Party on the Construction of Vehicles (WP.29)"   WPD or PDF

Informal paper AC.2 No 4: Establishing of the "common tasks" sub-group in GRSG    DOC or PDF

Informal paper 8: (Ro & Sl) Additional info to WP.29/343/Rev.8/Amend.1    PDF

Informal paper 7: (SA) Report on South Africa signing and accessing the 1958 UN ECE Agreement    PDF

Informal paper 6: (OICA) Work Programme on Global Harmonization    PDF

Informal paper 5: (ISO) Corr to Reg 55 (Coupling device)    PDF

Informal paper 4: (UK) Corr to doc WP.29/2000/38/Add.1    PDF

Informal paper 3: (RF) Proposal for the development of G T R    PDF

Informal paper 2: (UNATAC) Note Total implementation of the internal market reducing...    PDF

Informal paper 1: (J) Proposal for the priority of candidate : G T R    PDF


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