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UNECE Weekly

European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) - applicable as from 1 January 2011

UNECE Weekly

Implementation of the GHS in the EU leads chemical industry to notify 24,529 substances

UNECE Weekly

Inland Transport Security Discussion Forum

UNECE Weekly

Inland Transport committee to discuss Transport challenges in 2011

UNECE Weekly

UNECE celebrates return of zero emissions race

UNECE Weekly

Encouraging signs of recovery in the Transport sector

UNECE Weekly

Electronic consignment note offers st road Transport industry 21 century solution

UNECE Weekly

UNECE presence at 2011 international Transport Forum

UNECE Weekly

6th session of the group of experts on Euro-asian Transport Links

UNECE Weekly

UNECE hosts the 6th annual PICARD conference (partnership in customs academic research and development)

UNECE Weekly

30th session of the UNECE Trans-European railway (ter) steering committee

UNECE Weekly

IMO/ILO/UNECE to update guidelines for packing of Cargo Transport Units

UNECE Weekly

Seminar ''Exchange of experiences and best practices in road traffic safety”

UNECE Weekly

Inauguration of a sculpture dedicated to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety in Crete

UNECE Weekly

AETR contracting parties approve 6-month tolerance period for the implementation of the digital tachograph at Pan-European level

UNECE Weekly

UNECE workshop on intelligent transport systems

UNECE Weekly

UNECE signs "MoU" with the International Union of Railways

UNECE Weekly

The PEP: “working together to make things happen”

UNECE Weekly

UNCTAD-UNECE workshop on “climate change impacts on international transport networks”

UNECE Weekly

Euro-Asian Transport Links expert group

UNECE Weekly

Prospects for the development of Central Asian international transport corridors

UNECE Weekly

The PEP 2010 symposium


14 December 2009

UNECE promotes environmentally friendly vehicles in India (UNECE Weekly No. 351)

14 December 2009

UNECE participation in COP-15 (UNECE Weekly No. 351)

14 December 2009

4th UNECE Regional Implementation Meeting on Sustainable Development (UNECE Weekly No. 350)

7 December 2009

Blue fuel for blue sky (UNECE Weekly No. 349)

30 November 2009

UNECE promotes vehicle periodical technical inspection agreement in Latin America (UNECE Weekly No. 348)

23 November 2009

UNECE appeal for political commitment to road safety (UNECE Weekly No. 345)

16 November 2009

UNECE adopts harmonized navigation rules for all member States (UNECE Weekly No. 344)

9 November 2009

UNECE Transport Conventions in Tajikistan (UNECE Weekly No. 343)

5 October 2009

Workshop to promote cycling and walking in cities (UNECE Weekly No. 336)

28 September 2009

Transport Division launches a new website (UNECE Weekly No. 335)

14 September 2009

TEM session addresses motorway connections for Austria, Czech Republic and Poland (UNECE Weekly No. 334)

14 September 2009

UNECE and European Basketball family join forces to promote road safety at Eurobasket 2009 (UNECE Weekly No. 334)

31 August 2009

UNECE announces breakthrough in traffic noise reduction (UNECE Weekly No. 333)

17 August 2009

GHS third revised edition is now available (UNECE Weekly No. 331)

6 July 2009

Better border crossing for the road industry (UNECE Weekly No. 326)

25 May 2009

2nd issue of the UNECE Transport Review: Transport without borders (UNECE Weekly No. 320)

20 May 2009

Improving Global Road Safety: Setting regional and national road traffic casualty reduction targets (UNECE Weekly No. 319)

27 April 2009

First Regional Workshop of Euro-Asian Transport Links Phase II: Facilitation of Transport in the ECO Region (UNECE Weekly No. 316)

10 March 2009

The Philippines adopts UNECE regulation on helmets (UNECE Weekly No. 310)

4 March 2009

Cheaper, cleaner and safer cars? UNECE explains how at the Geneva Motor Show (UNECE Weekly No. 309)

16 February 2009

Focus on the upcoming Joint Trade and Transport Conference, Palais des Nations, Conference room XII, 24 February (UNECE Weekly No. 307)

20 January 2009

Announcing the Joint Conference on the Impact of Globalization on Transport, Logistics and Trade: the UNECE work (UNECE Weekly No. 303)

12 January 2009

Focus on the 3rd High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment (Amsterdam, 22-23 January 2009) (UNECE Weekly No. 302)


29 December 2008

United Nations work on classification and labelling of chemicals adopted by EU Member States / Recent accessions to UNECE transport legal instruments (UNECE Weekly No. 301)

22 December 2008

Recent accessions to UNECE transport legal instruments (UNECE Weekly No. 300)

15 December 2008

Outcome of the recent UNECE Workshop on Rail Security (UNECE Weekly No. 299)

17 November 2008

Special Focus on Transport: United Nations partners meet to improve global road safety / Working Party on Road Traffic Safety (WP.1) meeting 18-21November / World Day of Rembrance for Road Traffic Victims / UNECE Transport Review, First Edition ... just published (UNECE Weekly No. 294)

28 October 2008

ITS in urban transport: the challenges for the UNECE Transport Division (Eurotransport Magazine Issue No. 5 2008)

1 October 2008

Intelligent transport systems and their implementation in road transport (UNECE Weekly No. 288)

2 September 2008

Hinterland Connections of Seaports - Special Edition (UNECE Weekly No. 284)

18 July 2008

International carriage of dangerous goods / Facts and Figures: UNECE Legal Instruments on Transport (UNECE Weekly No. 277)

30 June 2008

Europe’s Inland Waterways: UNECE works on safety and security (UNECE Weekly No. 275)

2 June 2008

Transport statistics: an invaluable tool for effective transport policy (UNECE Weekly No. 271)

15 April 2008

Electronic consignment notes for road transport (UNECE Weekly No. 264)

7 April 2008

Lithuania joins combined transport Agreement / New global regulations for safer vehicles / Off the press.... Road Signs and Signals (UNECE Weekly No. 263)

31 March 2008

New logistics trends will fundamentally reshape European transport systems (UNECE Weekly No. 262)
New expert groups on international transport issues (UNECE Weekly No. 262)

5 March 2008

Off the press.... Euro-Asian Transport Linkages (UNECE Weekly No. 259)

19 February 2008

Euro-Asian Transport Links Ministerial Meeting (UNECE Weekly No. 257)

11 February 2008

Geographical Information Systems - Technology to the service of Euro-Asian Transport Linkages (UNECE Weekly No. 256)

23 January 2008

Ministerial Meeting on Euro-Asian Transport Links (19 - 21 February 2008) - Why Euro-Asian Transport Links? (UNECE Weekly No. 253)

17 January 2008

Euro-Asian Transport Links Ministerial Meeting (UNECE Weekly No. 252)


23 November 2007

50 years of safe transport of dangerous goods (UNECE Weekly No. 246)

5 November 2007

Strengthening cooperation on the TIR system (UNECE Weekly No.244)

22 October 2007

New database of transport statistics (UNECE Weekly No.242)

15 October 2007

Training seminar on TIR (UNECE Weekly No.241)

2 October 2007

Transport Division on technical excursion (UNECE Weekly No.239)

11 September 2007

New Director for Transport Division (UNECE Weekly No.236)

6 August 2007

Perishable foodstuffs Agreement gains an additional Contracting Party (UNECE Weekly No.232)

18 June 2007

Off the press... Convention on Road Traffic of 1968 and European Agreement Supplementing the Convention (2006 consolidated versions) (UNECE Weekly No.225)

5 June 2007

Malta joins ADR (UNECE Weekly No.223)

23 May 2007

The TER Project Central Office moves to Bratislava (UNECE Weekly No.222)

18 May 2007

United Arab Emirates joins the TIR Convention (UNECE Weekly No. 220)

18 May 2007

Moldova joins the European Agreement on Road Traffic (UNECE Weekly No. 220)

23 April 2007

Young Road Users in the UN Spotlight (UNECE Weekly No. 218)

10 April 2007

“Road Safety is no Accident” (UNECE Weekly No. 214)

10 April 2007

UNECE Releases Recommendations on Radioactive Scrap (UNECE Weekly No. 214)

19 March 2007

Poor rail infrastructure constrains the development of intermodal transport (UNECE Weekly No. 214)

5 February 2007

Off the Press: Blue Book (UNECE Weekly No. 210)

26 January 2007

United Arab Emirates joins four transport conventions (UNECE Weekly No. 209)

9 January 2007

UNECE works for safe and clean vehicles (What UNECE Does For You No. 7)

2 January 2007

Index of transport articles appearing in UNECE Weekly in 2006 (UNECE Weekly No. 205)


19 December 2006

Brakes, emissions and on-board diagnostics (UNECE Weekly No. 203)

12 December 2006

Swedish national road becomes European road "E45" (UNECE Weekly No. 202)

20 November 2006

Transport News from UNECE Weekly: World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims / UNECE bestseller - European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Vols. I & II / Map of European Inland Waterways (UNECE Weekly No. 199)

30 October 2006

UNECE Recommendations on Harmonized Europe-Wide Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation Vessels (Resolution No. 61) (UNECE Weekly No. 196)

23 October 2006

Peru joins Convention on Road Traffic (UNECE Weekly No. 195)

9 October 2006

TIR Convention - Countries Commit to TIR Public-Private Partnership (UNECE Weekly No. 193)

3 October 2006

Kyrgyzstan joins road traffic convention (UNECE Weekly No. 192)

25 September 2006

Azerbaijan joins UNECE Convention on Carriage of Goods (UNECE Weekly No. 191)

6 September 2006

Internet consultation on Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (UNECE Weekly No. 188)

21 August 2006

Albania joins E-road Agreement (UNECE Weekly No. 186)

24 July 2006

TEM and TER Master Plan Final Report - Main transport infrastrucutre needs identified (UNECE Weekly No. 182)

27 June 2006

Lithuania joins UNECE Vehicle Regulations Agreement (UNECE Weekly No. 178)

20 June 2006

Monitoring radioactive scrap metal (UNECE Weekly No. 177)

7 June 2006

Latvia joins E-rail Agreement (UNECE Weekly No. 175)

30 May 2006

Moldova joins E-road Agreement / TIR in the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe (UNECE Weekly No. 174)

29 March 2006

Prizewinners at the World Road Safety Film Festival (UNECE Weekly No. 165)

20 March 2006

Bulgaria joins ADN Agreement (UNECE Weekly No. 164)

6 March 2006

UNECE to host first Global Road Safety Film festival (UNECE Weekly No. 162)

27 February 2006

Malaysia accedes to UNECE Agreements on Vehicle Regulations (UNECE Weekly No. 161)

13 February 2006

Statement of Marek Belka, UNECE Executive Secretary, at the 68th session of the Inland Transport Committee (UNECE Weekly No. 159)