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Twenty-fifth Session of the Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6)

1 - 3 December 2015

Geneva, Switzerland

The 25th Annual Session of the Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) took place from 2nd December (afternoon) to 3 December 2015.

The Annual Session was held back to back to the WSC Workshop on Conformity Assessment organized by the the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) on 1st and 2nd December (morning).

The WSC Workshop included discussions on topical items including the proliferation of counterfeit goods and of fraudulent certificates. Experts also illustrated possible solutions, such as Global Schemes for the assessment of conformity. 

The Annual Session of the Working Party invited experts to review experiences in regulatory cooperation and adopted revision of the Working Party’s Recommendation L for Technical Harmonization.

Document Title
Item 1: Adoption of the agenda      
Annotated provisional agenda
Item 2: Election of Officers
Item 3: Matters arising
Contribution of the WP.6 to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Item 4: Programme of Work
(a) Report of the past session and intersessional developments
Report of the Working Party 6 on its twenty-fourth session
(b) Reports by other UNECE bodies of potential interest to the Working Party
(c) Adoption of the WP.6's intersessional implementation plan
Draft programme of work of the trade subprogramme for 2016-2017
Draft intersessional implementation plan for WP.6
Item 5: Risk Management in regulatory systems
Risk Management in Regulatory Frameworks
Progress report on the activities of the Group of Experts on Managing Risks in Regulatory Systems
Item 6: International Regulatory Cooperation
(a) International regulatory cooperation
Draft revised Recommendation L
Regulatory Cooperation: A Wikihow
(b) Regional developments
(c) Sectoral projects
Progress report on the sectoral initiative on Telecom
Progress report on the sectoral initiative on Earth-Moving Machinery (EMM)
Progress report on the sectoral initiative on Equipment for Explosive Environment (SIEEE)
Progress report on the sectoral initiative on the Safety of Pipelines
Item 7: Standardization and Regulatory Practice
(a) Review of developments in standardization
(b) Education on standards-related issues
(c) Review of relevant development in regulatory practice
Item 8: Review of recent development in conformity assessment and accreditation
Item 9: Market Surveillance
(a) Update from the Advisory Group on Market Surveillance
Report of the Advisory Group on market surveillance, its activities and its meetings
(b) The Market Surveillance Model Initiative
The Market surveillance general concept and how it relates to the activities of the Working Party
Draft guide to the use of the General Market Surveillance Model
(c) Common definitions and terminology in market surveillance
Glossary of Market Surveillance Terms
(d)  Update on the development of the Global Market Surveillance database
Item 10: Metrology
Item 11: Capacity-building
Item 12: Other business
Item 13: Adoption of the report
Report of the Session
Takeaways from the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) Workshop on Conformity Assessment, 1 - 2 December, Salle VII, Palais des Nations, Geneva
2 December 2015
15:00 - 15:10 Opening speechOpening by Mrs Virginia Cram-Martos, Director, Economic Cooperation and Trade Division (ECTD)
15:20 - 15:40 Matters arising from recent and forthcoming international and UNECE meetings and areas of priority action for the Working Party

Presentation by the Secretariat and open discussion

15:40 - 16:00 Report on past session and intersessional developmentsPresentation by the Secretariat and open discussion
16:00 - 16:30 Reports by other UNECE bodies of potential interest to the Working Party

Harm Jan van Burg, Vice-Chair, UN/CEFACT

Liliana Annovazzi-Jakab, Secretary, UNECE WP.7

16:30 - 18:00 International regulatory cooperation

Christer Arvius, Special Advisor to the WP.6 Bureau, Sweden

Petros C. Mavroidis, E15 Initiative, ICTSD and WEF

Per Döfnäs, Ericsson

Dan Roley, Chairman, ISO/TC 127

Frank Lienesch, PTB, Germany

Roman Samsonov, Rapporteur of SIPS initiative

3 December 2015
10:00 - 12:15 Review of relevant developments in standardization and regulatory practice

Alexander Zazhigalkin, Deputy Head, Rosstandart, Russia

Andrey Lotsmanov, Head of the Council on technical regulation and standardization under Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

Guilaine Fournet, International Electrotecnical Commission (IEC)

Thomas Robertson, Project Coordinator, Affiliate Country Programme & International Liaison for Developing Countries, IEC

Camilla Åberg, International Relations Manager, Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)

Katja Modrić Škrabalo, Policy Officer, Europrean Commission, DG GROWTH

Sara Gobbi, Director of EU Affairs, ASTM International

12:15 - 13:00 Recent developments in conformity assessment and accreditation


Discussion on the outcome of WSC CA Conference

Laurent Charlet, Project Manager, Conformity Assessment, ISO 

Jon Murthy, Chair of the Joint IAF-ILAC Marketing and Communications Committee:

David Hanlon, Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) Secretary, IEC Head of ICT standards coordination

15:00 - 16:00 Risk management in Regulatory Systems

Roland Cormier, Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, Germany


16:00 - 17:00 Market surveillance

Vera Despotović, MARS Chairperson

Victor Dravitsa, Director, Centre for Identification Systems, Belarus

Ivan Hendrikx, Coordinator of the General Market Surveillance Initiative (by teleconference)

17:20 - 17:30 Results of the needs assessment studies undertaken by the Secretariat on regulatory and procedural barriers to trade

WP.6 Secretariat and  Mika Vepsäläinen, Secretary, Steering Committee on Trade Capacity and Standards (SCTCS)


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