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We focus on raising UNECE countries’ capacity in official statistics by helping national statistical offices and other stakeholders to coordinate their work and fill statistical gaps. Our work aims to address the increasing demand for high quality and comparable data among countries. 

By bringing together experts from across the statistical community, we look for common efficiencies and innovative ways to tackle persistent and emerging challenges in official statistics.

Key areas of work

                                    Conference of European Statisticians                                     


Population, gender & society

Sustainable development & environment

Modernization of official statistics

                             Technical cooperation and capacity-building                             

In focus

The Strategic Communication Project is an initiative of the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) – a group of Chief Statisticians who work collaboratively to identify trends, threats, and opportunities for modernizing statistical organizations. The project has been running throughout 2018 to develop a collection of tools designed to enable statistical offices to modernize their communications at the strategic level. Among the project's products will be a set of guidelines for developing and implementing a communication strategy, and a Communication Maturity Model to help statistical offices gauge their own progress.


The UNECE Statistical Programme explains our priorities and activities for the year: statistics for SDGs; economy & globalization; population & migration, gender, poverty & inequalities; environment, climate change, hazardous events & disasters; strategic & managerial issues in official statistics; modernization; capacity development; maintaining & improving our database.

The use of machine learning in official statistics: The Blue Skies Thinking Network of the UNECE High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics published a think-piece for managers and policymakers to demystify machine learning and explore possibilities for its use for producing official statistics.

UNECE is helping countries to work through the challenges of measuring poverty in all its dimensions, to guide and monitor progress towards SDG1 and SDG10, through the work of a Task Force on Disaggregated Poverty Measures and a newly-established Task Force on Measuring Social Exclusion.