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We coordinate statistical activities in the UNECE region through the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) and its Bureau, and the Database of International Statistical Activities.

We develop guidelines and training materials on statistical methodology and practices working with groups of specialists from national and international statistical organizations.

We organize meetings and other opportunities for statistical experts to exchange experiences on a wide range of statistical topics and provide technical cooperation to member countries.

We also provide free on-line data on our 56 member countries in Europe, Central Asia and North America in both English and Russian.

Quick Statistics


Slow but steady growth in female share of parliamentarians
The representation of women in national parliaments is an important aspect in measuring women's position in political decision-making. The UNECE region as a whole has seen a steady increase in the share of females in national parliaments.

From Environmental Indicators to the System of Environment-Economic Accounting
The 9th meeting of the SPECA Project Working Group on Statistics on the topic Environmental Information systems: from Environmental Indicators to the System of Environment-Economic Accounting (SEEA) took place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

UN General Assembly endorses Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics
On January 29, the UN General Assembly endorsed the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics. This means that for the first time the principles of independence and objectivity, under which all official statistics should be produced, have been highly recognized at the global political level.
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Meetings and Events

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