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List of Publications - 2016

Policy briefs on Ageing (2009 - 2016) (July 2016)

The most recent in the series of Policy Briefs on Ageing is "Migration and older age". See all "Policy Briefs on Ageing"
Looking Back, Leaping Forward (July 2016)

The historic 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted at a UN Summit in September 2015, after unprecedented consultations at all levels. At its core is a set of ambitious  ...
Literature Review: Informal settlements in countries with economies in transition in the UNECE Region (June 2016)

This literature review presents the first preparatory step in the development of potential guidelines for informal settlements based on the principles of the endorsed FAO ‘‘Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible  ...
Riding towards the green economy: cycling and green jobs. Executive summary (June 2016)

Riding towards the green economy: cycling and green jobs, is an advance executive summary of a new study undertaken in the context of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE  ...
Implementing UN/CEFACT e-Business standards in agricultural trade: A handbook for policy makers and project managers (ECE/TRADE/428) (April 2016)

This Handbook presents a general framework for the design of of e-Business projects in the agrifood sector using open, international standards. It specifically looks at four e-Business standards developed by  ...
UNECE and Climate Change (April 2016)

We are the last generation with the ability to stop climate change. If we fail, it will be a historic mistake. But there is no single “silver bullet” that can address  ...
CIS Cities: Towards Sustainable Future - The Commonwealth of Independent States Regional Report (March 2016)

This is the regional report of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development - Habitat III. The report is based upon  ...
Main Transport Indicators in the UNECE Region - 2014 (February 2016)

This brochure provides statistics on the main indicators for road, rail and inland waterways for countries in the UNECE region. The brochure is available for download in English.
The United Nations Transport Conventions on border crossing facilitations – Benefits for governments (January 2016)

This leaflet, prepared by the Sustainable Transport Division of the UNECE in cooperation with the International Road Transport Union (IRU), highlights the importance and potential benefits to Contracting Parties of  ...
Child Restraint systems (January 2016)

Child Restraint systems UN Regulation No 129: Increasing the safety of children in vehicles - For policymakers and concerned citizens.
The United Nations Motorcycle Helmet Study (January 2016)

The United Nations Motorcycle Helmet Study Part of WP.29, “How it works and how to join it”, series