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List of Press Releases - 2019-3

Europe: Robust growth ahead, with numerous downside risks (21 January 2019)

Risks include increased trade tensions, a shift in policy stance, and ...
Signs suggest global economic growth spurt has peaked but will remain steady at 3 percent in 2019–2020 (21 January 2019)

Economic prospects threatened by weakened support for multilateralism, tightening of financial conditions and heightened trade tensions The global economy will continue to grow at a steady pace of around 3 percent in 2019 and 2020 amid signs that global growth has peaked. However, a worrisome ...
UNECE census guidelines on alternative data sources can help save time and money (10 January 2019)

Without a census, we cannot know such fundamental things as how many people live in a country, their ages or their income per capita. We cannot meaningfully predict future population and the need for schools, homes or public services. Censuses are essential for many of the indicators that enable us ...