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Working Group on Technical Cooperation

A secretariat Working Group on Technical Cooperation (WGTC) was established in 2004 to support the Programme Management Unit in its work, and to increase overall coherence in UNECE's technical cooperation activities. The Working Group on Technical Cooperation comprises the Director of the Programme Management Unit, Regional Advisers, a representative of the Executive Office and a representative of the Office of the Executive Secretary.

The Group has the following functions:

  • To exchange information on technical cooperation activities underway, state of implementation, lessons learned and good practices, in particular practices that could be replicated;
  • To improve reporting, monitoring and evaluation of UNECE technical cooperation activities;
  • To identify opportunities for inter-divisional, cross-sectoral cooperation and possible synergies; and
  • To strengthen collaboration with other parts of the UN system along with other international organizations undertaking technical cooperation activities in the UNECE region.

The UNECE Programme Management Unit provides leadership and secretariat support to the work of the UNECE Working Group on Technical Cooperation and ensures follow-up to this work.