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Mr. Giampiero BAMBAGIONI

Head, Scientific and International Activities for Tecnoborsa, S.C.p.A.
Chair, European Real Estate Institute

Mr. Wolfgang AMMAN

Director of the Institute of Real Estate, Construction and Housing Ltd.

Mr. Damir PAHIĆ

Director/CEO of the Institute for Photogrammetry, Inc.


Director of the Professional Consulting Group.


President of the Italian Institute for Real Estate Evaluation

Ms. Anna Georgieva

World Bank Country Sector Coordinator for the Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Unit.

Mr. Brian EMMOTT

Founder and Director of Terre Initiative Limited and an Organizer of the Real Estate Advisory Network (IntREAN).

Mr. Jonathan HARRIS

Founder and President of The Continuing Professional Development Association, Director of the Cressida Group of Companies, and the founder and Chair of the RICS Raising the Ratio Committee.