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Rovaniemi Action Plan (July 2014)

The Rovaniemi Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy, adopted on 13 December 2013 in Finland, describes how the forest sector in the UNECE region  ...
The Value of Forests: Payments for Ecosystem Services in a Green Economy (May 2014)

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) describes the situation where the user of an environmental service, such as water purification, pays the landowners who provide that service. For PES to exist,  ...
Forest and Economic Development (March 2013)

The study reviews the many ways in which forests contribute to economic development in the ECE region, and analyses, on the basis of recent ECE/FAO studies, the outlook and main  ...
Lviv Forum (March 2013)

The Lviv Forum on Forests in a green economy for countries in Eastern Europe, Northern and central Asia, a country led initiative in support of the UN Forum on Forests,  ...
Good Practice Guidance on Sustainable Mobilsation of Wood in Europe (May 2010)

This document is intended to provide guidance for sustainable mobilisation of wood in Europe. The guidance will refer to good practice examples of successful and sustainable mobilisation of wood, to  ...
The Forest Sector in the Green Economy (May 2010)

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Harvested Wood Products in the Context of Climate Change Policies: Workshop Proceedings - 2008 (December 2008)

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Mobilizing Wood Resources : Can Europe's Forests Satisfy the Increasing Demand for Raw Material and Energy Under Sustainable Forest Management? Sebastian Hetsch  (May 2007)

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International Forest Sector Institutions and Policy Instruments for Europe: a Source Book by Josephine Bauer and Helena Guarin Corredor (June 2006)

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Forest Certification – Do Governments Have a Role? by Marieta Koleva (May 2006)

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Forest Certification Update for the UNECE Region by Michael Poku-Marboah, Heikki Juslin, Eric Hansen and Keith Forsyth  (March 2005)

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Forests, Wood and Energy: Policy Interactions Edited by Juha Mustonen and Tapani Pahkasalo (March 2005)

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Forest Legislation in Europe by Josephine Bauer, Matleena Kniivilä, Franz Schmithüsen  (May 2004)

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The Policy Context of the European Forest Sector by Carsten Thoroe, Tim Peck, Helena Guarin Corredor, Franz Schmithüsen  (May 2004)

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Forestry Cooperation with Countries in Transition Peter Csoka (March 2003)

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Forest Certification Update for the UNECE Region, Summer 2002 by Jenni Raunetsalo, Heikki Juslin, Eric Hansen, Keith Forsyth (August 2002)

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Forest Certification update for the ECE Region, summer 2001 by Laura Vilhunen, Eric Hansen, Heikki Juslin, Keith Forsyth (August 2001)

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Forest policies and institutions of Europe, 1998-2000 (June 2001)

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Forest certification update for the ECE Region, summer 2000 Eric Hansen, Keith Forsyth and Heikki Juslin (September 2000)

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Recycling, Energy and Market Interactions Johannes Dengg (January 2000)

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Forest certification Update for the ECE Region, Summer 1999 Eric Hansen, Keith Forsyth and Heikki Juslin (November 1999)

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A summary of “The competitive Climate for Wood Products and Paper Packaging: the Factors Causing Substitution with Emphasis on Environmental Promotions” by John Burrows, Berit Sanness (July 1999)

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The Status of Forest Certification in the ECE Region Eric Hansen, Heikki Juslin  (March 1999)

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Interim report on the Implementation of Resolution H3 of the Helsinki Ministerial Conference on the protection of forests in Europe (Results of the second enquiry)  (June 1997)

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Information Systems in Forestry: A brief overview by Dennis P. Dykstra (August 1994)

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