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The broad aim of UNECE’s environment activities (ENG, RUS) is to safeguard the environment and human health, and to promote sustainable development in its member countries in line with Agenda 21.

The practical aim is to reduce pollution so as to minimize environmental damage and avoid compromising environmental conditions for future generations. To this end, UNECE has adopted a five-pronged approach:

1. UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy brings together governments to formulate environmental policy and support its implementation. Intergovernmental meetings, seminars, workshops and advisory missions are being organized under the Committee and its subsidiary bodies, providing a platform for environmental decision-making as well as a forum for networking, sharing experiences and good practices.

2. UNECE has an active role in regional and cross-sectoral processes, in particular:

3. Through its environmental performance reviews, UNECE assesses individual countries’ efforts to bring down pollution levels and manage their natural resources, and makes recommendations to improve their environmental performance.

4. UNECE work on environmental monitoring and assessment continues to help strengthen the environmental information and observation capacity in countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Russian Federation, as well as in interested countries of South-Eastern Europe.

5. UNECE has negotiated five environmental treaties, all of which are now in force:

Their governing bodies are serviced by the UNECE secretariat, which also helps them to monitor the implementation of the treaties. Some activities are organized jointly under two or more UNECE treaties.

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