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Nuclear Fuel Resources Case Studies

  1. Application of UNFC-2009 for monitoring the project maturity of the central Jordan Uranium Project (ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2017/8) (2017) English French Russian
  2. Application of UNFC-2009 to Rare Earth Elements and Thorium Comprehensive Extraction Projects in Argentina (2017) (ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2017/9) English French Russian 
  3. Application of UNFC 2009 to Nuclear Fuel Resources - Case Studies (ECE ENERGY SERIES No. 46) (2015) (Set of 8 case studies (China, Niger, Argentina, Brazil, India, Malawi, USA) English
  4. Application of UNFC-2009 to phosphate rock - uranium resources: A case study of the El-Sebaeya Projects, Nile Valley, Egypt (2016)  (ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2016/9) English French Russian 
  5. Considerations related to application of UNFC-2009 to uranium projects and associated resources in Paraguay (2016)  (ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2016/10) English French Russian
  6. Application of UNFC-2009 to the Uranium Resources of the Gurvanbulag Uranium Deposit, Mongolia (2016) (ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2016/11) English French Russian