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Petroleum Case Studies

1. Case Study on Bridging from the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China Classification for Petroleum Resources/Reserves (GB/T 19492-2004) to UNFC: Gas Field A ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2020/8PDFPDF
2.  Pilot project for classification of Mexico’s petroleum resources and reserves based on UNFC (February 2019) ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2019/5
This paper shows the planning and execution of the pilot project, results, and conclusions obtained from it, as well as the evaluation of UNFC as an value adding tool to the classification and management of oil and gas resources in Mexico. The methodology outlined in this document may be used in other countries, adapted and adopted as necessary to the local conditions, for relatively quick classification according to UNFC.
3.  Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Resource accounts of 31.12.2018 
The petroleum resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf according to the UNFC Numerical codes are provided in a box on the right hand side of the page.
4.   Norwegian Petroleum Directorate 2014 Case Study Corrigendum ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2015/5/Corr.1
Norwegian Petroleum Resource Accounts presented according to UNFC-2009 (2015) ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2015/5.