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Energy Efficiency in Industry Sector

UNECE provides industry with a clear and understandable overview of non-governmental and intergovernmental energy efficiency initiatives in order to help companies decide which are most suited to help them pursue energy efficiency on their own accord for business reasons.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings 

Admitting holistic approach to building design, delivery and operation and a paradigm that envisions buildings as energy producers and not solely or primarily as energy sinks, UNECE develops framework guidelines for energy efficiency standards in buildings, conducts research on existing energy efficiency standards and technologies in buildings in the UNECE region, etc.

Addressing Barriers to improve Energy Efficiency

UNECE is involved in research in the field of energy efficiency investments and barriers that prevent the energy efficiency potential to be fully realized. The UNECE's work aims at improving investment climate for energy efficiency endeavors and raising awareness about the multiple benefits of energy efficiency projects.