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Policies, Procedures and Terms of Reference

Consolidated UN/CEFACT mandate and terms of referenceEstablishes the structure, mandate, terms of reference and procedures for UN/CEFACT. Also covers Bureau rules and procedures, Bureau election procedures, Country Head of Delegation Guidance and Intersessional Approval process../2017/15PDFPDFPDF
UN/CEFACT Prospective Directions Provides the strategic framework of UN/CEFACT work../2016/20/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Programme of work 2017 - 2018Provides a description of what UN/CEFACT will deliver 2017-2018../2017/19PDFPDFPDF
Open Development Process - Annex IIIProvides a new template for project proposalsDOC--
Open Development ProcessProvides a description of the sequence how projects are carried out within UN/CEFACT../2016/17PDFPDFPDF
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Sustainable Fisheries Team of SpecialistsEstablishes the Team of Specialists to promote UN/CEFACT FLUX standard and sustainable fisheries worldwide.../2017/16PDFPDFPDF
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group on the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations (UN/LOCODE)Establishes the Advisory Group on UN/LOCODE to assist in the maintenance of this standard and enhance the network of UN/LOCODE Focal Points.../2017/17PDFPDFPDF
Revised Code of Conduct Establishes the base rules for all participants within UN/CEFACT../2010/18/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Intellectual Property Rights PolicyDescribes the rights and responsibilities related to IPR for experts participating in the work of UN/CEFACT../2010/20/Rev.2PDFPDFPDF
Provides an executive summary of the IPR Policy../2010/20/Rev.2/Add.1PDFPDFPDF
Extra-Budgetary Contributions to a United Nations Trust Fund for UN/CEFACT activities Provides guidelines on how additional resources can be channeled into the work of UN/CEFACT../2008/39PDFPDFPDF