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Within the United Nations framework of the Economic and Social Council, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) serves as the focal point for trade facilitation recommendations and electronic business standards, covering both commercial and government business processes that can foster growth in international trade and related services.  In this context, the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) was established, as a subsidiary, intergovernmental body of the UNECE Committee on Trade, mandated to develop a programme of work of global relevance to achieve improved worldwide coordination and cooperation in these areas.

Recent News

19 July 2016: Following approval of the Procedures for Reference Data Model & Associated Artefacts Publication Project, this is to announce a call for participation. The scope of the project is to describe the complete process from inception to publication for Reference Data Model development and publication. The project will define how to implement the Open Development Process, ODP, for Reference Data Model artefacts. As a proof of concept a draft of either the current Supply Chain Reference Data Model, SCRDM, or the current Multi Modal Transport  Reference Model, MMT, under development or both will be prepared for publication. This project is closely linked to the projects SCRDM and Prodedure for CCTS 2.01 & CCBDA 1.0 & NDR 2.1 Artefacts Publication. 

Membership is open to UN/CEFACT Experts with broad knowledge in the area of standards production and publication and awareness of implementer’s expectations, the functions of UN/CEFACT, and its groups. The project team will work during the next months until 2017-06-01 mainly through conference calls and other electronic means. For more information, contact the Project Leader: Ulrike Linde.

18 July 2016: UN/CEFACT is pleased to announce the start of a new project on “Core vocabulary related to single windows and similar platforms.” This project will seek to provide a more consistent use of the term ‘single window’ and propose other terms to clearly distinguish different types of systems. The resulting white paper is intended to be an annex to UNECE Recommendation 33 on Single Window. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact the project leader, Abdoulaye BASSE or lead editor, Jari Salo. The first conference call is scheduled to take place on August 28th 2016 from 13:00 CET. The development of this Project can be followed on the Collaborative UN/CEFACT Environment “CUE”.

11 July 2016: UN/CEFACT reminds that the cut-off date for submission of new DMRs for UN/CCL D.16B and EDIFACT D.16B is the 1st of August 2016.

5 July 2016: Following approval of the Women in Trade Facilitation project, this is to announce a call for participation. The scope of this project is limited to Women in Trade Facilitation and the deliverable will be white paper. Relevant experts and interested parties are invited to join the project team, which shall work during the next months, working mainly through conference calls and other electronic means. For more information, contact the Project Leader: Paloma Bernal, the Lead Editor: Daniel Sarr, and/or the Editor: Andrea Fehr Hampton.


Upcoming Events

26 to 30 September 2016

Other events

Workshop on establishing an Albanian Single Window, 13 - 17 June 2016, Tirana, Albania

Delivering on the Trade Facilitation Agreement, 14 December 2015, Nairobi City, Kenya

Single Window Workshop 23 October 2015, Shanghai, China