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Inter-regional Development Account Project

Inter-regional Development Account Project on Social Inclusion, Gender Equality and Health Promotion in the MDGs

The project was implemented by all United Nations Regional Commissions each taking a particular focus. UNECE focused on economic aspects of gender equality and policies to mobilize women’s economic potential. Project activities have aimed at raising awareness that gender equality is an economic asset to fight poverty and social exclusion. Women’s economic empowerment is instrumental in reaching the MDGs.

Mainstreaming Gender into Economic Policies to Reach the Millennium Development Goals in Central Asia

Stocktaking Study 2008

The study presents trends and concerns related to economic aspects of gender equality in four Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) and analyses policy responses as reflected by National Development Strategies and activities of international organizations.



Mainstreaming Gender into Economic Policies: Trends and Challenges for Central Asian and Caucasian Countries

Research Report 2009

This paper presents gender disparities and related challenges constraining economic development and growth within Central Asian and Caucasian countries. It highlights that gender needs to be mainstreamed into the macroeconomic framework of countries’ structural policies to overcome persistent gaps and avoid adverse effects on men and women.



Measuring Gender Equality in the Economy

Research Report 2009

This report explores the possibility of establishing a more comprehensive set of indicators for measuring gender equality in the economy. It is designed to provoke further interest and discussion on the possibility of obtaining additional MDG-related indicators.



Knowledge Hub on the Economics of Gender


The Knowledge Hub on the Economics of Gender is a web portal for information dissemination and policy sharing.