My Daddy is the most wonderful daddy in the world ! However, when it comes to protecting the environment, he is not very gifted. Fortunately, I am here to tell him that sometimes a little gesture is enough to improve things. These games are intended to remind him of what to do. And I hope that it will help my friends of the whole world to educate their parents, and that all these little gestures put end to end will make it possible to help to save our planet.



The Goose game
level 1, level 2

A quizz type of game where you play against the terrible Bug . Your aim is to be the first to reach the center box.
The UN puzzle
level 1, level 2
The wind has mixed up the big picture. Click on each of the pieces and put them back in place. Let the small picture guide you.
Spot the errors! There are seven errors in the drawing on the left. See if you can find them. Click on each one to win.
Level 1, level 2
Behind each UN logo there’s a drawing. There are always two identical ones. Try to match all the pairs!





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