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Main UN Road Transport Agreements: progress in the EuroMed Region and the way forward

9 September 2014

Geneva, Palais des Nations

The seminar on the main UN Road Transport Agreements Progress in the EuroMed Region and the way forward was prepared in the framework of cooperation with EuroMed project with the aim to present UNECE Transport Division scope of work in the road sector and to reiterate the benefits for EuroMed countries to access and apply UNECE legal instruments.


PDFProgress in the EuroMed Region and the way forward: Seminar Agenda
PDFThe Inland Transport Committee (ITC) - Mr. George Georgiadis, Secretary ITC, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFAETR Agreement and Digital Tachograph - Mr. Robert Nowak,  Secretary of the Working Party on Road Transport, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFRole of the JRC in the implementation of the AETR Agreement  - Mr. Michel Chiaramello, Digital Citizen Security Unit, EC JRC
PDFAgreement on Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR) - Mr. Olivier Kervella, Chief of Section, Dangerous Goods and Special Cargoes, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFBorder Crosing Facilitation - TIR and Harmonization Conventions - Mr. Erik Willems, TIR Secretariat, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFAgreement on the Transport of Perishable Foodstuffs (ATP) - Mr. Christopher Smith, Secretary of the Working Party on the Transport of Perishable foodstuffs, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFVehicle Regulations - Mr. Romain Hubert, Secretary of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations Vehicle Regulations and Transport Innovations Section, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFTransport Statistics - Mr. Ould Khou Sid´ Ahmed, Secretary  of the Working  Party on Transport Statistics, Transport Division, UNECE
PDFCombined Transport and Logistics - Mr. Nathan Menton, Associate Economic Affairs Officer, Transport Division, UNECE