Transport of Perishable Foodstuffs

Le travail de la CEE-ONU sur le transport des denrées périssables remonte à 1948, lorsqu’il fut décidé, dans le contexte des pénuries alimentaires de l’après-guerre, de mettre en place un Groupe de travail pour examiner la nature et l'étendue du trafic international des denrées périssables, estimer les difficultés opérationnelles et étudier les exigences applicables au transport pour les années suivantes.

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28 May 2018
Competent authorities and Test Stations page updated to include several updates received by the UNECE secretariat.

16 May 2018
Depositary notification C.N.244.2018.TREATIES-XI.B.22 has been issued notifying the acceptance of amendments to the ATP.

14 May 2018
Depositary notification C.N.240.2018.TREATIES-XI.B.22 has been issued notifying corrections to Annex 1 of ATP.

20 February 2018

Depositary notification C.N.70.2018.TREATIES-XI.B.22 has been issued notifying  proposed corrections to Annex 1 of ATP.

18 July 2017
Depositary notification C.N.401.2017.TREATIES-XI.B.22 has been issued notifying the acceptance of amendments to the ATP.

22 May 2017
Depositary notification C.N.267.2017.TREATIES-XI.B.22 has been issued notifying a correction to Annex 1 of ATP.

15 May 2017

Competent authorities and Test Stations page updated to include San Marino's information.

30 March 2017
Depositary notification
C.N.159.2017.TREATIES-XI.B.22, a communication has been received from Germany stating that although it intends to accept the proposals communicated by C.N.58.2017.TREATIES-XI.B.22, the conditions for such acceptance have not yet been fulfilled.

Last depositary notifications concerning the ATP


Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for Such Carriage (ATP)

The ATP establishes harmonized and improved technical conditions for the preservation of the quality of perishable foodstuffs during their carriage. These conditions concern mainly the temperature to be observed during the carriage and the equipment used for the carriage. The ATP establishes the appropriate temperatures under which the various types of perishable foodstuffs should be carried. It also lays down the requirements for the equipment, including its refrigerating capacity, insulating capacity and efficiency of thermal appliances as well as the methods and procedures for measuring and checking them.