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Wim Van Geffen

Nestlé Global Head of Physical Distribution will talk on:

"Towards Sustainable Distribution in Nestlé"

Short Bio:

Wim van Geffen is since 2014 Global head of Physical logistics of Nestlé. Wim is a Mechanical Engineer with extended international and multicultural experience in operations and Supply Chains. He started in 1974 as project engineer and later Factory Manager in the Netherlands and has worked in building and improving Nestlé’s operations in South Africa, Iran and Uzbekistan Turkey. Was Supply Chain Director in Central Asia, South Asia, Central & West Africa and the Philippines. Improving Supply chain performance developing suppliers in the developing countries and at the same time reducing waste in the Value Chain.

Summary of presentation: Pending

Nestle is committed to improving its environmental performance by: increasing Vehicle Utilization, Reducing Empty Legs of transport, Multimodal transportation, Utilizing Truck Innovations, Using alternative fuels  and most importantly utilizing information Technology in Transportation Control Towers.


Because of Nestlé’s large global structure and organization there are numerous local initiatives of which just a few will be presented