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Claude Pfauvadel

Chef de la Mission du Transport des Matières Dangereuses, MEDDE and Chair of WP.15/AC.1 will talk on :

"Use of telematics in the transport of dangerous goods"

Short Bio

Claude Pfauvadel is working in the dangerous goods office since 1994 as an expert and covered most of the aspects related to this domain. He is heading the division in charge of TDG since 2008. At the international level he chairs the RID ADR ADN joint meeting and is vice chairman of the UN ECOSOC Committee of experts for TDG.

Summary of presentation:

Although the technical elements are all available today, general use of ITS is not possible in the context of Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations, especially for communication between private and public players. Development of a rather light interface architecture would make it possible. Benefits are expected for both public and private actors. UNECE may play a role in the deployment and maintenance of part of these interfaces that would benefit from being centralized.