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Green and Healthy Jobs in Transport: launching a new partnership under THE PEP (September 2011)

A new Partnership as a follow-up to THE PEP High level Meeting in Amsterdam in 2009 and its Goal 1 as well as THE PEP 2010 Symposium on green and  ...
THE PEP Brochure (January 2010)

A new 6 page glossy color brochure was recently issued under the Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment (THE PEP). The brochure lays out the four Amsterdam Goals adopted  ...
Amsterdam Declaration (January 2010)

At the Third High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment in January 2009, governments adopted the Amsterdam Declaration - Making THE Link, Transport choices for our Health, Environment and Prosperity,  ...
The Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment: Assessment and Progress Made (January 2008)

This report assesses the effectiveness of THE PEP in improving communication, cooperation and collaboration among the three sectors (transport, health, and environment) and its impact on the development of intersectoral  ...
Transport, Health and Environment: Trends and developments in the UNECE-WHO European Region (1997-2007) (January 2008)

This report reviews developments and progress in transport, health and environment since 1997. While transportation is an integral part of economic and social development and is essential to the functioning  ...
Working Together for Sustainable and Healthy Transport: Guidance on Supportive Institutional Conditions for Policy Integration of Transport, Health and Environment (January 2008)

This brochure is intended to provide guidance and support to political decision makers in their efforts to ensure more sustainable development by strengthening policy integration among relevant sectors of government  ...

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