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Informal Documents of the 113th session of the Working Party on General Safety Provisions (GRSG) (10 - 13 October 2017)

Informal Documents

GRSG-113-07 - (Secretariat) General information and hightlights of WP.29 at its June 2017 session
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GRSG-113-06 - (ISO & NGV Global) Proposal for a corrigendum to Revision 3 of UN Regulation No. 110 (CNG/LNG vehicles)
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GRSG-113-05 - (France) Report following technical investigation into the collision (and resulting fire) between a coach and a HGV that occurred on October 23rd 2015 on Departmental Road No 17 near the town of Puisseguin (South-West of France)
GRSG-113-04 - (France) Résumé du rapport d’enquête technique sur la collision suivie d’un incendie survenue entre un autocar et un poids lourd le 23 octobre 2015 sur la RD 17 à Puisseguin (33) en France
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GRSG-113-03 - (NGV Global) Comments on the proposed amendments to UN Regulation No. 110
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GRSG-113-02 - (ISO) Rationale for the proposed amendments to Regulation No. 110 (CNG/LNG vehicles)
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GRSG-113-01 - (GRSG Chair) Running order of the 113th session of GRSG (10 - 13 October 2017) (Palais des Nations, Room XI)
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