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7th session

Informal group on motorcycle noise emissions (Regulation No. 41)
Working papers of the 7th informal meeting (Geneva, 4 September 2006)
No. 16-R41WG-06 - Minutes of 7th R41WG meeting, 4 September 2006, Geneva
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No. 16-R41WG-06-Annex1 - Report of the data collection experts group
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No. 16-R41WG-06-Annex2 - Transformation of the French/German proposal of an ASEP concept for cars to motorcycles
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No. 15-R41WG-06 - Report on the informal meeting, 1 September 2006, IMMA office, Geneva
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No. 15-R41WG-06-Annex 1 - Roadside enforcement test
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No. 13-R41WG-06 - Agenda for the 7th informal meeting
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No. 12-R41WG-06-Add.1 - Agenda for the second data-collection experts meeting
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No. 12-R41WG-06 - Invitation to the secod data-collection experts meeting
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No. 11-R41WG-06 - E-mail -reminder of the delivery of test results to the R41WG Secretariat
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No. 10-R41WG-06 - Survey from FEMA
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