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Workshop on planning and managing national Data Harmonization in Support of the Tajikistan Single Window

Date 12-13 June 2012
Venue Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan
Organizers Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Republic of Tajikistan
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
  • State Veterinary surveillance service of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Customs Service under the Government
  • Ministry of Health
  • Single Window Center
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • ABT coordinator, GIZ Program “Support to regional economic cooperation in CA”
Objective In the meeting, the participants will learn about latest standards, best practice and experiences made in planning and implementing data harmonization including development of paperless trade for Single Window. The meeting will look into the following topics:
  • What is data harmonization and why is it important
  • How does a data harmonization project fit into the Single Window development
  • A stepwise approach to develop electronic trade documents
  • Planning a data harmonization project
  • Example of a national data harmonization project
  • Practical recommendation for data harmonization
The meeting is designed as an interactive workshop. The objective is to present the topics and international experiences made and to discuss a strategy for planning, implementation and management of the data harmonization project in Tajikistan.
The concept of the workshop and the interactive training is based on the UNNExT Data Guide for Single Window Environment Developed by UNECE, UNESCAP and WCO. The guide applies the latest standards and best practice for data harmonization.

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