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Conference of European Statisticians (CES)

The Conference of European Statisticians (CES) provides a platform for coordination of international statistical work in the UNECE region. Its members are Heads of national and international statistical organizations representing the UNECE and OECD member countries, plus some countries from outside the region and all major international organisations active in statistics. The CES meets every year, usually in June, alternating between Geneva and Paris. See CES Members' Guidebook

The main objectives of the CES are:

  • to improve national statistics and their international comparability
  • to promote close coordination of statistical activities so as to achieve greater uniformity in concepts and definitions and to reduce the burden on national statistical offices
  • to respond to any emerging need for international statistical cooperation
  • to discuss and adopt statistical standards in the UNECE region

The annual CES Plenary Session consists of a formal session and two seminars on foundational and emerging issues in official statistics. The seminars are organised following the Guidelines for organising seminars of the Conference of European Statisticians.

The CES Bureau steers the work of the Conference. The Bureau members are elected every second year by the Conference: CES Bureau members

Rules and procedures governing the work of the CES and its Bureau

Each year the CES Bureau reviews selected statistical areas in depth to improve coordination of statistical activities in UNECE region, identify gaps or duplication of work, and address emerging issues. The reviews conclude with concrete recommendations, and follow the recommendations of the Organization of in-depth reviews of selected statistical areas and the template for these papers.

The CES and its Bureau may establish Teams of Specialists to carry out specific tasks to address emerging issues and gaps in official statistics.

The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) is a useful tool for the coordination of international statistical work, as it provides an overview of the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region.

Forthcoming meetings

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