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Regional Adviser on Trade

UNECE technical assistance in the area of trade, provided under the Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation (RPTC), concentrates on strengthening the capacity of countries with economies in transition to use international trade standards, trade liberalization and facilitation, notably the standards developed by UN/CEFACT. In particular, the RPTC-related activities are focused on: (a) assisting in the practical implementation of trade facilitation measures, procedures and standards, including best practices in the use of international trade and transport documents; (b) contributing to the integration of information flows in international trade, notably with regard to using international standards for documents and electronic exchange of data and documents; (c) supporting sub-regional integration and providing advice on free trade agreements, notably in Southeast Europe and Central Asia; (d) strengthening national capacity to develop policies aimed at promoting inter-sectoral cooperation at sub-regional level; and (e) promoting national institutions in support of sub-regional economic and trade cooperation.

The RPTC-related technical cooperation activities are carried out by the Regional Adviser on Trade in cooperation with the Trade and Timber Division. These activities are linked to UNECE's normative work, limited to those particular areas where the UNECE has recognized expertise, and aim at ensuring effective and efficient responses to the particular demands of UNECE member States. The work is focused mainly on the countries with economies in transition of Southeast and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Most of the activities are developed and implemented in cooperation with other international organizations.

Brief information about the objective, expected accomplishments, indicators of achievement and summary of outputs, related to ECE Regional Advisory Services on Trade in 2014-2015 can be accessed here.