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 Gulnara Roll
Secretary to the Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management
Email: gulnara.roll@un.org

Maike Salize
Secretary to the Working Party on Land Administration
Email: maike.salize@un.org




Cecilia Batac
Statistics Assistant
Publications, communication, website, ICT

Email: cecilia.batac@un.org

Evelina Rioukhina
Programme Assistant
Administration, contracts, support to meeting organization and documents preparation

Email: evelina. rioukhina@un.org

Isa Mamedov
Programme Assistant
Secretary to REM, financial management

Email: isa.mamedov@un.org

Elise Zerrath
Associate Expert
Organization of Forum of Mayors

Email: elise.zerrath@un.org


Agata Krause
Sustainable housing and urban development, evidence-based policies

Email: agata.krause@un.org



Nadiia Yeremenko
Sustainable Smart cities with Innovative Financing

Email: nadiia.yeremenko@un.org

Enkel Leskaj
Support to technical cooperation projects and organization of Forum of Mayors
Email: enkel.leskaj@un.org

Liam Buckley
Translation, support to smart cities projects, communication
Email: liam.buckley@un.org