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Working Group on a Possible Framework Convention on Sustainable Housing

Challenges and objectives:

The world is struggling to cope with the impacts of climate change and there is a clear need for us all to look at  sustainability.  Sustainable Housing is an area which will have a significant impact on the resources and energy used for our housing, since dwellings are one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and consumers of energy and water. Unfit housing also puts at risk our health and safety.

The UNECE is addressing these emerging challenges, whilst also strengthening the housing sector and contributing to sustainable development throughout the region. As one approach, the Committee has established a Working Group on a Possible Framework Convention on Sustainable Housing, to see if we can bring countries together to pool expertise and information on good practices in this area and to assess the possibility of developing a legal framework in support of this goal.


The Working Group was established in September 2010  to explore the possibility of a legal instrument on housing in the UNECE region . It held two meetings in 2011 and decided that a framework convention could be the possible appropriate instrument to tackle common challenges in sustainable housing.

In 2012, the Working Group held its third meeting and decided on the eventual scope and objectives of a possible convention. Its findings were considered by member States at the seventy-third session of the Committee in September 2012.

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