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Team of Specialists on Green Jobs in the Forest Sector

The present Team of Specialists on Green Jobs in the Forest Sector was established by the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) and the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) at their Joint Session Metsä2013 held in Finland, in December 2013. There the UNECE Committee and the FAO Commission have jointly adopted the Integrated Programme of Work for 2014-2017 (IPoW), which opened a new cycle of work and included guidelines for Teams of Specialists (ToS) on how to support the implementation of IPoW.


The main objective of the work of ToS on Green Jobs in the Forest Sector is to advice and support the secretariat on the implementation of the ECE/FAO Integrated Programme on issues related to employment in the forest sector such as: jobs, needed competencies, education and training for the forest sector in the context of a green economy.

The procedures, the role and responsibilities of the Team of Specialist, of team leaders, members as well as of the secretariat are clarified in the Guidelines and Terms of Reference (ToR), attached here:

Guidelines PDF

Terms of Reference PDF

The ToS on Green Jobs in the Forest Sector as other Teams of Specialists report annually to the Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management.

Please find a short introduction on our website to the concept of Decent Green Jobs in the Forest Sector and Gender Mainstreaming in the Forest Sector

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