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Reporting on Qualitative Indicators for State of Europe's Forests 2011

UNECE/FAO coordinates the 2011 Pan-European Enquiry on Qualitative Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management, in cooperation with Forest Europe

  • Questionnaire on pan-European qualitative indicators for SFM and national implementation of MCPFE commitments (word, pdf), issued March 2010
  • Country reports on qualitative indicators

The results of this enquiry on qualitative indicators for SFM will be presented in the report State of Europe's Forests 2011, together with the results of the Pan-European Enquiry on Quantitative Indicators for SFM.

The previous enquiry on Pan-European Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management was carried out in 2007. Data on qualitative indicators is available through country reports and the report State of Europe's Forests 2007.