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Data collection and reporting in the UNECE region consists of (a) collection, validation and dissemination of forest statistics on: resources, products, functions and services, progress toward sustainable forest management, policies, institutions, and the contribution of the forest sector to a green economy; (b) assessment of the state of forests, sustainability of forest management and forest products markets; and (c) contribution to international processes on sustainable forest management, including on the development and use of regional Criteria and Indicators and in the preparation of the report on the State of Europe’s Forests.

Key areas of work

In focus

COFFI2018 - Market Discussion on Forest Products Trends and Developments

The UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section organizes annual market discussions to present and discuss trends of forest products in Europe, North America and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The main objective of these discussions is to share knowledge on market trends and policies and their potential impacts on forest products’ production, trade, consumption and outlook in the region.

The 2018 meeting, held in Vancouver, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, focused on economic links, challenges and opportunities in trading wood and wood products with countries in Asia Pacific, namely China and to some extent Japan, South Korea and Viet Nam. Countries and experts shared information on the economic relationship in forest products between their country and countries located in the region.

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