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Press Releases

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List of Press Releases - 2014-3

Sustainable Forests for Sustainable Fashion at the UN in Geneva  (24 March 2014)

Forests for fashion – Fashion for Forests, on 21 March, was an event held to celebrate and advocate the linkages between sustainable fashion and sustainable forest management, and was organized by UNECE/FAO on the occasion of the International Day of Forests. Forests and fashion are related in ...
UNECE and FAO launch “Forests for Fashion-Fashion for Forests” initiative on International Day of Forests (11 March 2014)

Sustainable development is high on the United Nations agenda, but unfortunately, still a low priority in people’s lives, and very often not a principle driving business. Promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns calls not only for political will and commitment, but also for ...
Forests in the UNECE region: UN works as one (10 February 2014)

On 6 February, UNECE confirmed its commitment to its work on forests in partnership with FAO in the region, with the Executive Committee’s decision to approve the UNECE-FAO Integrated Programme of Work on forests for the period 2014-17.  The UNECE-FAO Integrated Programme of Work is a very ...

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