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Informal networks

The informal meetings of representatives of the governing bodies of UNECE conventions and protocols, and the informal network of the corresponding compliance and implementation bodies, are informal and hold no mandate by the States Parties to pursue any particular objective and perform specific tasks. The meetings are informal and the documents produced are not official UN documents. UNECE, as the secretariat for the five conventions and their protocols, provides the platform for the presentation of the two initiatives and the related material. UNECE displays such material “as is”’ and makes no representations or warrantees, express or implied, that their content is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading.

Informal meetings of representatives of the governing bodies

Representatives of the governing bodies of the treaties have met informally to exchange information on priorities under the agreements and identify and discuss possible areas of cooperation and synergies that can be established among the agreements as well as with the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy in light of recent and future key developments in the area of environment. Informal meetings between the representatives of the governing bodies and the Committee of Environmental Policy have been held on the following dates:

A next meeting has been proposed for 27 October 2014, in Geneva.

The informal meetings of the governing body representatives built on earlier and continuing cooperation between the Secretaries to the five conventions.

Informal network of the UNECE compliance and implementation bodies

An informal network of Chairpersons of compliance and implementation bodies under UNECE MEAs was established. Some of the Chairpersons met for the first time on 25 March 2013 in Geneva (a list of participants is attached to the Chair's Summary): Proposed agenda; Background paper; Chair's Summary.