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The self-evaluation assesses the process of carrying out the ECE Environmental Performance Review (EPR) programme. The main purpose of the evaluation is to examine the strengths and gaps to be filled in by the programme. The objective is to identify possible measures that could be taken to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing the programme. This evaluation is a tool for internal use by the ECE EPR secretariat. However, its findings are shared with other stakeholders in the EPR programme, especially members of the ECE EGEP and the CEP.

The evaluation is based on the experiences made in the course of implementing seven country reviews during the period 2009-2011. The evaluation involves views and comments collected through specific questionnaires and/or interviews from key stakeholders in the EPR review process. The quality and impact of EPR is outside the scope of the evaluation report. The evaluation covers all phases in the review process and, based on the most important findings and conclusions, ends with a series of recommendations addressed to the ECE EPR secretariat.  This report is not formally edited.