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Compliance Committee
Committee membership
Submissions by Parties
Referrals by the Secretariat
Communications from the public


Article 15 of the Protocol on Water and Health on review of compliance, requires the Meeting of the Parties to establish arrangements for reviewing compliance with the Protocol. The objective of the compliance procedure is to facilitate, promote and aim to secure compliance with the obligations under the Protocol, with a view to preventing disputes. Following this obligation, at their first meeting in January 2007, the Parties adopted the decision 1/2 on review of compliance (E F R) and elected the first Compliance Committee.

The Compliance Committee approved its rules of procedure, in accordance with decision I/2 of the Meeting of the Parties. The rules of procedure are based on the outcome of the first three meetings of the Committee. On the basis of practice and experience gained, the Committee might elaborate/revise the document further.

The Committee shall:

  • Consider any submission, referral or communication relating to specific issues of compliance made in accordance with the decision 1/2;
  • Prepare, at the request of the Meeting of the Parties, a report on compliance with or implementation of specific provisions of the Protocol; and
  • Monitor, assess and facilitate the implementation of and compliance with the reporting requirements under article 7, paragraph 5, of the Protocol.

The Committee may examine compliance issues and make recommendations or take measures if and as appropriate.

The rules of procedure, adopted by the Compliance Committee,  are revised/updated by the Committee as need arises.

Another document, elaborated by the Compliance Committee and prepared with a purpose of serving both the Committee and the general public, is “guidelines on communications from the public” (Russian version).

The first reporting exercise under the Protocol was conducted during autumn 2009/spring 2010. It showed that a number of Parties were facing difficulties in implementating the Protocol, in particular with its core obligation to set targets and target dates. To respond to this situation, the Compliance Committee decided at its fifth meeting in June 2010 to enhance its facilitation and assistance functions, and agreed to enter into consultations with a number of Parties. At its sixth meeting in March 2011, the Compliance Committee outlined the main features for a new consultation process geared to help Parties implement their obligations under the Protocol. To help Parties in implementing the provisions of the Protocol, the Committee will, under the auspices of the new consultation process :

-         Assist Parties in developing an accurate analysis of their situation (enabling them to set targets under the Protocol),

-         Provide recommendations to the Parties on how to improve their situation

-         Assist Parties in seeking support from donors, specialized agencies and other competent bodies

Consultations do not have an inquisitive nature, and will be initiated by a request from a Party. Sessions can be held in confidence, if so requested. More information is available at the Terms of Reference of the consultation process adopted by the Committee at its 6th session.

Committee members

At its first session on 17-19 January 2007, the Meeting of the Parties of the Protocol on Water and Health elected nine members of the committee. The terms of office of four of the members expired at the second session of the Meeting of the Parties (decision I/2, annex, paragraph 7). At their second meeting, the Parties therefore elected four members to the Compliance Committee for a full term of office Currently, the following persons serve on the Committee in a personal capacity:

Mr. Pierre Chantrel (France)

Ms. Ilona Drulite (Lithuania)

Ms. Diana Iskreva-Idigo (Bulgaria)

Ms. Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper (Hungary)

Mr. Veit Koester (Denmark)

Mr. Oddvar Georg Lindholm (Norway)

Mr. Vadim Ni (Kazakhstan)

Mr. Ilya Trombitsky (Republic of Moldova)

Mr. Serhiy Vykhryst (Ukraine)


The following table lists official documents available:

Eighth meeting

Seventh meeting

Sixth meeting

Fifth meeting

Fourth meeting

Third meeting

Second meeting

First meeting

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