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Preparation of reports for the third meeting of the Parties

Preparation of reports for the third meeting of the Parties

For the second reporting cycle, the deadline to submit the reports to the secretariat is 14 December 2007. The Working Group of the Parties agreed that in order to ensure sufficient time for public consultation, the deadline to prepare draft reports and make them available to the public is 14 September 2007.

For further guidance on the preparation of national implementation reports, see the Guidance on reporting requirements - ENG FRE RUS

Implementation reports may be prepared and submitted online. Parties, Signatories and other States are encouraged to use this method of submitting reports.

The online reporting format has been developed by the secretariat as a tool to facilitate the submission of finalized national implementation reports in a standard format. It is based on the questionnaire attached to decision I/8 on reporting requirements under the Aarhus Convention. Each national focal point will be able to use this tool in order to submit the report to the secretariat. Once submitted, national implementation reports will be posted on the web site, together with the national language version where applicable.

First time users: All national focal points that would like to submit their reports throught the online format are invited to contact the secretariat at public.participation@un.org. You will receive your login and password which you can use to access this part of the Convention’s web site and enter responses to questions in the reporting format.

Once logged in, (1) select "National Implementation report 2007 ", (2) select "Create new answer" at the top of the page, (3) choose question's number, (4) paste your answer in the window below, (5) click on "Submit". For the other questions repeat from step (3).

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you encountered any problems while using this tool.

To access the online reporting format, click here (for national focal points only; login and password required)