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International outreach


Workshop on “Code of good practice on information, participation and transparency in Internet governance, Version 1.0”, 4th Internet Governance Forum, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 15-18 November 2009

Informal consultation on "A Code of good practice on public participation, access to information and transparency in Internet governance", Palais des Nations, Salle VII, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., 13 May 2009


The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Workshop, “Towards a code of good practice on public participation in Internet governance - Building on the principles of WSIS and the Aarhus Convention

"Towards a code of good practice building on the principles of WSIS and the Aarhus Convention" Stakeholder Consultation on Public Participation in Internet Governance
23 May 2008, 14:00-17:00 – International Telecommunications Union, Geneva

OECD Task Force on PRTR - Eleventh meeting
12-14 March 2008, Paris


"Public Participation in Internet Governance: Emerging issues, good practices and proposed solutions" Best Practices Forum, 2nd Internet Governance Forum
12 November 2007, Rio de Janeiro

OECD Task Force on PRTR - Tenth meeting
27 February - 1 March 2007, Copenhagen


Symposium on public participation in environmental decision-making
15-17 August 2006, Beijing, China

PRTR Implementation Problems and Perspectives
5-7 July 2006, Volgograd, Russian Federation


Third Meeting of the Partnership for Principle 10
Committee of the Whole

4-5 October 2005, London, England

2003 - 2004

Human Rights and the Environment

A resolution on Human rights and the environment as part of sustainable development was adopted by the Commission on Human Rights in April 2003. It requested the Secretary-General to submit to the Commission at its sixtieth session in spring 2004 a report "on the consideration being given to the possible relationship between the environment and human rights", taking into account the contributions that concerned international organizations and bodies.

The activities carried out under the Aarhus Convention are of great relevance to this topic. To a certain extent, the Convention may be said to embody the link between human rights and the environment, being an instrument which on the one hand aims to ensure better protection of the environment, and on the other, attempts to achieve this goal by seeking to guarantee specific rights of individuals. Hence a submission to the report was made recently by the secretariat, on behalf of UNECE.