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Task Force on Heavy Metals

In order to carry out the review of the 1998 Protocol on Heavy Metals, the Executive Body for the Convention established the Task Force on Heavy Metals in 2004. Led by Germany, the Task Force addresses the technical needs of the reviews and assessments required by the 1998 Aarhus Protocol on Heavy Metals, including scheduled evaluations of limit values, the review of sufficiency and effectiveness and the review of additional heavy metals, product control measures or products/product groups. The work takes into account activities of relevant bodies under the Convention and synergies with the abatement of particulate matter.

Promoting implementation and ratification of the Protocol on Heavy Metals

In 2007, the Executive Body adopted an Action Plan for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) to encourage ratification of the protocols to the Convention and to support EECCA countries' involvement in the activities of the Convention. All Parties and Convention bodies were urged to address the issues as a matter of priority. Activities relevant to the Protocol on Heavy Metals include the following:


- Workshop to promote the Ratification of the Protocols on Heavy Metals, POPs and the Gothenburg Protocol across the entire UNECE Region, 26 - 28 October 2009, St. Petersburg (Russia)

- Workshop to Promote the Ratification of the Heavy Metals Protocol across the entire UNECE region", 14- 16 May 2008, Yerevan (Armenia)

Guidance material:

- Checklist for national implementation plans for the Protocol on Heavy Metals

- Expert Group on Heavy Metals that reported to the Working Group on Strategies and Review 2003-2004

- Best Available Scientific Information on the Effects of Deposition of Heavy Metals from Long-range Atmospheric Transport

- Results of modelling and mapping of critical loads of lead, cadmium and mercury and critical concentrations of mercury in precipitation and their exceedances in Europe




Report to the 47th session of the WGSR


Report to the 45th session of the WGSR


Report to the 42nd session of the WGSR


Report to the 40th session of the WGSR


Report to the 38th session of the WGSR


Report to the 37th session of the WGSR