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Task Force on POPs

Following the entry into force of the 1998 Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in October 2003, the Executive Body for the Convention established the Task Force on POPs at its twenty-first session in December 2003. Led by Canada and the Netherlands, the Task Force addresses the technical needs of the reviews and reassessments required by the 1998 Aarhus Protocol on POPs and the procedures adopted in Executive Body decision 1998/2. In setting up the Task Force, the Executive Body agreed decision 2003/10, which identifies the functions of the Task Force, and some of its methods of work. The Task Force carries out the tasks specified for it in the workplan adopted annually by the Executive Body. Co-Chairs report the results of the meetings of the Task Force to the Convention’s Working Group on Strategies and Review.

Procedures for amendments and technical reviews of dossiers
(1) Article 14 of the Protocol on POPs contains the current procedures for amending the Protocol. It lays down procedures for Parties that make a proposal (dossier) to add a substance into annexes I, II or III to the Protocol;
(2) Executive Body decision 1998/2 details the information the proposal must contain and provides a framework for reviewing it;
(3) In line with Executive Body decision 2003/10, the Task Force on POPs will prepare technical reviews of a proposal when requested to do so, and will present relevant documentation on it to the Working Group on Strategies and Review;
(4) As agreed by the Executive Body at its twenty-second session, when undertaking technical reviews of a proposal, the Task Force should make use of the Generic guidelines for the technical review of dossiers of new substances that may be proposed for inclusion into annexes I, II and III to the Protocol.


Workshop to Promote the Ratification of the Protocols on HMs, POPs and the Gothenburg Protocol across the entire UNECE Region - 26-28 October, St. Petersburg, Russia

Information relevant to the technical review of dossiers of endosulfan, trifloralin, pentachlorophenol, dicofol and hexabromocyclododecane requested by the Executive Body at its 26th session, in December 2008:

I. Explanation of the process
II. The Peer review
III. Peer reviewer, Nomination Form
IV. Generic guidelines for the technical review of dossiers of new substances that may be proposed by Parties for inclusion into Annexes I, II and III to the Protocol
V. EB decision 1998/2
VI. Tentative abbreaviated 2009 work plan for substance reviews

Proposals considered by Parties to the Protocol at the twenty-sixth session of the Executive Body (15-19 December 2008)

The technical review of dossiers as mandated by EB in December 2008 is addressed by the Task Force at its seventh meeting, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2-5 June 2009

EMEP work on POPs
Information about the results of EMEP work on POPs is available from MSC-East.

Expert Group on POPs that reported to the Working Group on Strategies and Review 2000 - 2003




Report to the 47th session of WGSR


Report to the 45th session of WGSR


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