Indicators and Reporting

 In order to carry out effective environmental activities it is important to have objective and up-to-date analytical information on the state of environment and on natural resources. This information should be available both for governmental authorities and for public at large. The state of environment reports are key information products in many UNECE countries.

Indicators are important tools for state-of-the-environment reports. Moreover, they can be tied to policy goals, and thus provide a mechanism for tracking and evaluating policy implementation.


Online Guidelines for the Application of Environmental Indicators


A Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators was established upon the recommendation of the Committee on Environmental Policy and the Bureau of the Conference of the European Statisticians by a decision of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe taken at its meeting of 27 February 2009.

According to its terms of reference, the Joint Task Force should assist national statistical agencies and institutions responsible for the production of national reports on the state of the environment in countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and South-Eastern Europe.

Its objectives are to improve environmental data collection, further strengthen environmental reporting and promote comparability of environmental statistics and indicators in the region (see document ECE/EX/2009/L.6, annex, En / Fr / Ru).

The Joint Task Force held six meetings thus far: 31 August - 2 September 2009 (introductory session), 3-4 May 2010 (first session), 1-2 September 2010 (second session), 11-13 July 2011 (third session), 18-20 October 2011 (fourth session), 4-6 July 2012 (fifth session) and 30 October -1 November 2012 (sixth session).


In June 2007 the Working Group considered the data compendium prepared by UNEP. The compendium covered a set of 15 indicators from and followed the methodology of, the Guidelines for the Application of Environmental Indicators in EECCA. Trial compendium of environmental indicators

The Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, at its 7 th session in November 2007 agreed upon the texts of:

(a) Guidelines for the application of environmental indicators in EECCA 

(b) Guidelines for the preparation of indicator-based environment assessment reports

(c) Recommendations to Governments of EECCA countries for the application of environmental indicators and the preparation of indicator-based environmental assessment reports


A Workshop on the Application of Environmental Indicators and Indicator-based Environmental Reporting was organized on 31 October - 2 November 2006 in Donetsk ( Ukraine). It revised and completed the draft Guidelines on the Application of Environmental Indicators and prepared draft Guidelines on Indicator-based Environmental Reporting. Workshop documentation


On the basis of the Chisinau Workshop’s results (EN FR RU) the secretariat prepared the revised Guidelines that the Working Group discussed at its sixth session.


Another Workshop on the Application of Environmental Indicators, held in on 5-6 July 2004 in Chisinau ( Republic of Moldova ) prepared draft Guidelines on the Application of the Core Set of Environmental Indicators for Countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Workshop documentation.


Activities on indicators and reporting in 2003 included:

  • The preparation of a publication on Environmental Monitoring and Reporting in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia for presentation at the Kiev "Environment for Europe" Conference EN RU;

  • Reviewing the use of indicators for the state of environment reporting in EECCA EN FR RU;

  • A Workshop on Environmental Indicators for EECCA that took place on 27-28 June 2003 near St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation. Workshop documentation.
  • The selection and review of a core set of environmental indicators for EECCA countries EN FR;

  • The preparation of a guidance on the application of indicators for EECCA EN RU;

  • The compilation of a trial compendium on a core set of indicators for EECCA EN RU;

  • Carrying out a country ( Armenia) case study on indicator-based reporting by preparing and publishing a state of environment report of Armenia EN RU


The Workshop organized jointly by UNECE and EEA in February 2003 under the Tacis project discussed the use of indicators in state-of-environment reporting in EECCA countries and shared with them the experience of EEA in developing environmental indicators.

Workshop agenda EN RU.
Workshop minutes EN RU.


The Working Group, at its second session in 2002, discussed indicators of the Kiev Assessment EN FR RU and their use in national environmental reporting, especially in EECCA.


The Working Group, at its special session in 2002, reviewed the situation with the environmental reporting in 12 countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA). EN RU

Thereafter it has developed Guidelines for the preparation of governmental reports on the state and protection of the environment. EN FR RU


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