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Application of UNFC-2009 to Injection Projects


The application of UNFC-2009 to injection projects is a challenging initiative of the Expert Group on Resource Classification started in 2010.  The main focus of the work is on injection of carbon dioxide for long term storage.

The Task Force on UNFC and Recipient Reservoirs was first established in 2010, following an agreement in the 2009-2010 Programme of Work for the Expert Group to explore how UNFC-2009.  UNFC-2009 is a principles based system that classifies the maturity of a project activity. It was developed with extractive activities in mind. The principles of project maturity should, however be applicable also to other, project based activities.  Although the technical as well as the socio-economic challenges may differ from those of an extraction project, the same principles should still be applicable to injection projects.  The key output of the Task Force will be a bridging document specifying how the UNFC-2009 can be applied to injection projects.